Contribute for making world better place to live in

Each donated € saves 2t of CO2.

Help revolutionize the building industry!

Our modular straw panel elements have been a great success for the last 10 years – they provide an economic, healthy and badly needed ecological solution for the construction industry. We believe everybody has a right to live in a comfortable house that is beneficial to our environment.

Our existing production technology demands a lot of manual work. The efficiency is not high. The 13 highly motivated employees in production can annually produce panels for up to 50 houses. If we want to save energy and build ecologically, a solution must be found to produce more houses efficiently.

To achieve this is only possible if we can engineer more efficient production machinery! Only by heavily investing into the development of a new generation of machinery we can increase production efficiency, lower the production costs and most importantly, bring production lines to other countries with higher labor costs.

Your support will make it possible to develop highly efficient production machinery for local and regional production. Your support has the potential to save tons of CO2 and primary energy, both during construction and use of the building. You will not only be helping us all, but make the World a better place at the same time.

Please visit our campaign in and we would be glad of any kind of your support!