About us

Our aim is to achieve real cradle to cradle buildings. Our Worlds resources are limited, and it is our responsibility use them right. We are dedicated to create a complete ecological building solution that is able to compete with the mainstream building industry.

UAB Ecococon has invented a unique method for the production of environmentally friendly straw bale panels, using a minimum of wood. The panels have been constantly refined and tested in the harsh climate of Lithuania during the last seven years. The company’s products have an exceptionally positive impact on the environment – the manufacture of straw panels does not deplete sources of raw materials and demands very little primary energy for production. Energy for heating and cooling is saved thanks to the outstanding insulation of the building over its entire lifetime.

In 2013 Ecococon straw panels were awarded the National Technical Assessment, based upon European testing methods, enabling their use all over Europe. The company is planning to obtain the optional CE mark in the forseeable future.

The current production is approximately 7,000 sq.m. of wall panels (equivalent to about 40 houses).

Let’s together make the dreams of our customers come true. We invite architects and builders to cooperate:

  • Architects: we provide you with a complete set of details and support during planning. Create high quality ecological buildings for your customers according to our construction technology;
  • Builders – we provide you with the tools to become a leader in ecofriendly building, creating new oportunities and business in your region.

Opportunities for cooperation can be discussed with Marius Tarvydas, CEO or with our international representatives in the respective countries (see local representatives).