Straw houses offer wide opportunities for both the interior and exterior design. Straw house walls are thick, thus making space for niches, bumps, depressions, bas-reliefs were you can unleash your imagination. The wall can be fitted with a cosy bookcase, niches for statuettes or candelabra, bottom of the wall can be equipped with a bench and streamlined undulations may replace a painting. Walls will then seem organic, alive.

During the last century, the interior design has been based on stereotypes that the interior means just furniture, paintings, and wall colour … Meanwhile, we offer a much wider range of different options. Walls may have not only the colour but also the texture, roughness, hues, bends, protrusions or depressions. Ceilings, floors, stairs can also serve as the playground for the interior.

New technology allows to combine the old traditional village floor and cover it with oils, pigments, wax, giving it a modern luxurious marble slab image. Walls decorated with white or brownish clay plaster need no painting, they can already serve as design elements. White windowsills are not only decorative, but also practical for sitting, resting or the storage of items.

All examples are decorated using environmentally friendly materials: brown and white clay plaster, shellac soap, liquid glass, natural pigments, natural paints.
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