Installation technology

An excellent advantage of these panels is their speed of installation on the construction site. Depending on the level of preparation, approximately 100 m2 of wall area can be installed by ​​four people within 1-2 days.

Due to the special design, the panels can be connected with each other without the use of special machines or tools, only a small lorry mounted crane for unloading or reaching the second floor. Panels are not too heavy (the weight is from 20 to 200 kg) and can be moved into the final position by hand.

The construction avoids the formation of cold bridges, because when the panels are connected their straw edges are pushed together. This way it is possible to achieve a homogenous structure.

Ecococon panels can be used for building one or more story homes. These panels meet all requirements for thermal resistance, structural strenght, fire and durability.

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