About us

UAB Ecococon manufactures environmentally friendly straw bale panels for house construction. The company has invented a unique method for the production of straw bale panels. Straw integrated in the wood frame is compressed extremely densely, thus resulting in very high thermal resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance and other characteristics of straw panels. The company’s products have an exceptionally positive impact on the environment – the manufacture of straw panels does not deplete the sources of raw materials, instead using a renewable secondary raw material – straw.

Straw is delivered from local farms from the vicinity of the factory, therefore the transportation of raw materials is also environmentally friendly. The production process does not involve non-renewable energy and natural resources – gas, oil and water, – only electricity. However, the company plans to build a wind power plant, therefore energy will also come from renewable energy sources in the future. Therefore, innovative aspects of the production are as follows: renewable resources are used for the construction of buildings; production and buildings made of straw are environmentally friendly; particularly high performance characteristics of the houses; “breathable” building, living in which is very comfortable.

The company’s products are certified. In 2013 the company’s products were awarded the National Technical Assessment, the company is planning to obtain the CE mark certification of the European Union for its production.The company operates in Lithuania. The company was established in 2008. During the year, the company produces 5,000 sq.m. wall panels (equivalent to about 30 houses).