Ecococon, Ltd., produces and sells straw panels which are manufactured according to the technology developed and perfected over years. Our production does not have any comparable analogues in the whole world.

We have certified our goods in order to achieve the very best quality. Certified product means that we guarantee every single feature described in certificate of the product.

Nonetheless, the price of 1 sq. m of a wall may vary depending on project of the house as we have certified the entire wall unit including both “Ecococon” straw panels and other particular building materials.

Please note that our production is aimed at houses of highest energetic class, including passive houses. However, the final estimate is not going to differ a lot from estimates of the houses of same energy class as using our building materials while implementing your project you can reduce the investment on powerful engineering systems.

Once you implement a building according our technology, you will have high quality home with these attributes:

  • Excellent microclimate. This means that perfect level of 50% of humidity is constant without any additional equipment.
  • Healthy as it is a perfect home for your family and for you.
  • A long-lasting and durable building.
  • Very cozy, warm during winter, and cool during hot summer.
  • Energy saving.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Next enormous advantage of our production is that 2-3 men can assemble our panels in 1-2 days.

In order to make your walls “breathing” (support the appropriate level of humidity, heat in winter and cool in summer) we recommend covering straw panels with “Ecococon” clay plaster, which has been developed perfectly for covering our walls. Moreover, clay plaster prevents mold, accumulating the excessive humidity, is fireproof and neutralizes different scents. In addition to this, our clay plaster does not create electrostatic mass, which is why dust simply floats in the air. This aspect is crucially important to people who has asthma, particular allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Finally, if you want to know the price of our panels including price of materials according the certificate, please contact us.