Straw panels

Straw panel is a product that allows the maximum use of straw advantages and reduces its weaknesses. Ecococon straw panelling technology is unique and unmatched in the world. Houses made of these panels maintain all positive qualities of straw housing which are complemented with incredibly high speed of construction, simple protection from rain on the construction site, and ensuring the continuous thermal insulation in every corner of the house.

When placing straws to the panel, their compression densities are made uniform, 100 kg/m3, i.e. straw is compressed with a constant pressure force. The surplus straw is cut off with special machines. This is done so smoothly that you will have to use about twice less plaster for this type of panels as compared with other panelling or thatched surfaces.

A particular advantage of these panels is their speed of installation on the construction site. Depending on the level of preparedness, over 100 square meters of wall can be installed within one day. Due to their special design, panels can be connected without the use of any special machines or tools, a drill will suffice. Panels are not too heavy (they weigh up to 200 kg) and can be moved by hand, thus avoiding expensive vehicles. Installation of this new type of panels solves some technical problems, for example, completely preventing the formation of cold bridges, as when connecting the panels, the side of one straw panel comes flush to the other side of the straw panel. This technology not only eliminates any opportunities for cold bridge formation, but also allows to achieve a particularly tight design.