The aim and objective of Ecococon is to create a company whose products and services have no negative impact on the environment or human health. Our products are made using only natural and organic materials. Ecococon straw panels for walls are exceptionally natural – wood frame, straw as a thermal insulation and clay plaster as a finish material protecting against wind and fire. We also work with companies that can offer natural finishes and insulation materials that suit any needs.

Although it is difficult to built an entirely eco-friendly modern house using only natural resources, we try to replace as much man-made materials with natural as possible. After the straw house is built, we paint, wax it and decorate with ecological means. For the exterior we use lime, and for the interior – natural clay plaster. We also equip modern clay floors, and use natural paints, waxes, oils, primers, fillers, impregnation materials for home decoration and protection (for the wooden parts, clay plaster and other surfaces). We also solve insulation problems organically – floors, foundation and wall insulation is thermally insulated with straw, which has excellent thermal properties.

We also offer very exceptional materials, among others. One of them is white clay plaster. This plaster is decorative in itself, so it requires no painting. For customers who want a variety of shades on a white base, it is easy to achieve using any subtle pastel shades. Clay plaster walls are also special in that they can be decorated not only with usual methods, but also easy to form mosaics, reliefs, or other preferable items. This flexible material allows to create a wide range of surfaces – from natural pale brown and smooth colours to luxurious looking, marble, rough textures.