What is the resistance of the straw wall?

”The standard researches in Austria, Denmark, the USA, Germany and other countries define that the ratio  λ of the straw resistance of compressed density is 0,045-0,06 W/(m·K)70-150 kg/m3 (the density of  small straw bundles- 70-100 kg/m3), if  the straw is dry ,and 0,054-0,072 W/(m·K), as the straws are of operational air-dried moisture. Thus, the Heat transmission ratio, evaluating the influence of the wooden framed house, permeable to the heat would be 0,13-0,14 W/(m2·K) (total heat resistance Rt = 7,7-7,1 m2·K/W) of the frame walls, wedged by straw bundles and both sides stuccoed. These results demonstrate  that the ratio of the heat( thermal) transmission of the walls is 43-54 % less than normative one, fixed for the walls of the residential buildings UN = 0,2 W/(m2·K) (STR 2.05.01:2005).”

Quoted from the article “The suitability of compressed straw bundles to buildings in construction“ by assoc.professor dr. Vincas Gurskis and assoc.professor dr. Jonas Juodis from Lithuanian University of Agriculture.